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Friday, March 20, 2009

My Take on Alcohol Treatment, Drug Treatment, and Substance Abuse-#1

Looking for a rehab center for my son in 1998 ... this was the beginning of my journey, as the father of a meth user...

I was blown away by my lack of knowledge about substance abuse. I was looking for a treatment center and I found I had no idea what to look for ...

Now 10 years later I have found that Drug Treatment is not just abstinence it's a new way of life.

Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment are basically the same. The disease has two components:

* a genetic component in which the brain is mis-wired since birth
* an environmental component which may influence the expression of the disease.(This is no different than diabetes Type II.)

In my upcoming blogs I will discuss some of the criteria, such as, Detox, Dual diagnosis, co-occurring disease. What is drug treatment? What does alcohol treatment really mean?

Ernie in South Orange County

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