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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Take # 3 What is the alcohol and drug treatment ?

The treatment of drug and alcohol abuse or addiction starts with a dedicated staff who is committed to helping the client  achieve there goals in life.

To have fulfillment instead of frustration -

To have influence instead of importance - 

To have peace instead of conflict -

To love and be loved -

To be truly happy -

 You already posses the ability to have all these attributes and more.The Staff can help you reach your goal to have a fulfilling life. So in the end it is more than staying sober and clean for life!!!!

Ernie in Orange County California

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Take # 4 What are the types of drug & alcohol treatment facilities available?

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities are divided in to several categories :
Public vs Private
Hospital vs Clinic  vs Residential
Contracted with Insurance vs Private Pay
Non-profit vs Partial Scholarship
Inpatient vs Out-patient  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Take-# 2 What Does It Mean to Detox

Detox means only to start the process of Rehab Detox is the process of removing the substance from the body This is more on the series of my journey As the Father of a Meth user--

How does detox (or detoxification) fit with drug treatment or alcohol treatment?  IT IS THE BEGINNING AND NOT THE END TO THE LIFE LONG PROBLEM OF ADDICTION. Clearing the Substance form the body is only the first step in taking care of the problem (the disease). Like any chronic disease, addiction (or alcoholism) is a progressing disease that will shorten ones life if untreated. Take, for instance, Diabetes,which I have. if I do not  bring my sugar levels back into the normal range I will die early of physical and mental complications. Diabetes is a lifelong battle and life style change. So is Addition, success is dependent on the individuals willingness to follow a protocol and change lift style.Since addiction is a brain disease, (and there is strong testing evidents that it is).why do we as a society NOT be willing to give time for the brain
to heal as we do when it is a stroke or when there is brain trauma.

Ernie in South OC in California

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