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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Diane Schuler Wasn't Drunk or High, She Ordered Chicken Selects!

At this point it is probably safe to say that the majority of Americans are familiar with the Taconic Parkway tragedy from back in July. Where Diane Schuler drove the wrong way down the Taconic Pkwy with five children in a minivan, drunk and stoned; crashing head-on with a SUV carrying three people. A total of eight people died in the wreck, the sole survivor was Diane Schuler's five-year-old Brian Schuler; it's is a blessing that more were not injured in that horrific accident. Schuler's husband Daniel has repeatedly claimed that Diane was not an alcoholic and that she hardly ever drank, furthermore, Daniel states that he had never seen her drunk. As for the marijuana, well, apparently that was only for medicinal purposes to help her sleep. Daniel Schuler went so far as to hire a private detective to dispute the toxicology findings, but, basically the investigator Tom Rushkin has been hired to poke holes in the case against Diane. The latest defense put forth is interesting to say the least! Tom Ruskin stated, "That Taconic mom Diane Schuler couldn't have been drunk and high when she crashed her car driving the wrong way down the Taconic because she ordered Chicken Selects from McDonalds four hours earlier", reports The Village Voice. One has to wonder how it is possible, after seven innocent people lost their lives, that Rushkin and Schuler's husband could think that would prove her innocence.

Apparently, Schuler could not have been drunk or stoned, she argued with a McDonalds' employee and demanded to speak to a manager about ordering something not on the breakfast menu - Chicken Selects. A McDonalds' employee who served Schuler filled out an affidavit and failed to mention that Schuler seemed intoxicated, and that is the argument in a nutshell. Maybe Schuler wasn't inebriated at the McDonalds, but, there was another four hours until the fatal crash which would be plenty of time to drink and smoke. Diane "was seen by three witnesses vomiting at the side of the road on the morning of the crash. At the time of that report, Ruskin said that if it was Schuler vomiting, it proved that she was incapacitated by illness and not by pot and alcohol", according to The Village Voice. It is unbelievable how hard evidence against Diane Schuler keeps popping up and Rushkin keeps dreaming up magical alternatives to why Schuler couldn't be intoxicated. Incapacitated by illness, like alcohol has never made people vomit when they mix alcohol with pot?

Diane Schuler was an alcoholic who took the lives of many people with her addiction. The evidence all points in the same direction and the longer people try to cover for Diane the worse it makes her and the entire family look. Is it possible that Diane hid her disease from everyone, sure it's possible; but, there are people out there who know what happened on that tragic day and they are not speaking up. If anything, the truth is owed to the loved ones of the deceased; why belabor this tragedy any longer. Everyday, people get behind the wheel intoxicated even with children, as we saw in Schuler's case; New York just passed a bill that makes driving intoxicated with a child in the car a felony. Unfortunately, laws have very little sway against an addicted mind.

The video below seems slow and pointless until the end when everything suddenly speeds up. Or at least that is how it appears. We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Thank you!!
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. The more i read about this case, the clearer it gets. She argued with them at McDonalds to get her kids their last favorite meal and let them play in the playground there since she was gearing up for murder/suicide. It was premeditated, she fed the kids, got her OJ mixer to go, and peeled out of that gas station with a death wish, she drove like a maniac until she was numb enough to not care. She must have told her brother and sister in law something in those phone calls that sealed her fate, she left the phone and with it all hope of being stopped or saved, she drove up the Saw Mill to the Taconic, turned around and came back to end it all. She was not confused, she was building up her nerve. The phone probably got dumped because the kids kept calling home and interferring with her death wish plan, as soon as she knew they were coming to look for her, as soon as the kids said what the road signs said, she went in the opposite direction, north, up the Saw Mill so they would be looking in the wrong place. She was not confused, she was still making premediated decisions to carry out the plan. Then she told her brother she was on Southern State Parkway on Long Island, come on, no matter how drunk you are you can tell the difference between the 2 mile long Tappan Zee toll bridge soaring over the Hudson and Southern State pkwy. She had gone through the toll literally 30 seconds before making the call. She didn’t crash into the toll booth and was able to pull over to the pull off on the right shoulder. The 4 or 5 right hand toll lanes there are all cash only, since they claim they checked the time on her ezpass, that means she probably went through tolls on the left and had to navigate across at least 5 lanes of toll plaza traffic to the pull off without hitting anything.

    On page 10 of the police report, a witness describes travelling north on the Taconic at 1:15 pm and being cut off by the minivan ALSO TRAVELLING NORTH getting on the Taconic from the Saw Mill Parkway. This is right where the crash happened, about 200 yards north of the Saw Mill/Taconic merge. This means she went up the Taconic past the crash site, then turned around and got back on the same exit ramp in the wrong direction. She scouted the route! Probably saw a perfect spot to end it all and headed back down the road heading south knowing what was going to happen and where, there is a blind curve with a hill right at the crash site, no chance for the unwitting accessory to the crime to react evasively. There are two (2) turnarounds in that stretch of road, plus a lot of wide grass median and shoulder to change your mind if you wanted to.

    This is not the ‘mommy’s a secret addict’ story like the media has jumped on the bandwagon with to no end, she was uniquely crazy and suicidal and had to know what she was doing. Those people know what happened and have been protecting themselves since the brother first called the police and sugar-coated the situation as ‘a possible medical emergency’ and the husband only can say ’she was sober when she left..” not my fault. CYA.

    Also, the husbands story about the vodka being his is total BS. He drinks beer, very few men drink vodka as their drink of choice, especially when they are beer drinkers. Vodka is a chick drink.

  3. if it takes you 9 months to drink 1.75 liters of vodka, why are you carrying it around, why is it that important? The story about the vodka bottle is an example of the deep denial. That bottle costs 25 dollars, how frugal are they that they claim they carried the same bottle for a year? sorry, but if you have a couple of drinks a week, that bottle is going to last 2 months tops. And who is going to go camping for the weekend and have one tiny little drink, then bring it home? So, that means they drink it at home too, so how could it last that long? Just doesn’t make sense. If the vodka meant that little to them why carry it around? They guy was sort of a cop, doesn’t he know it’s illegal to carry open containers? Oh, right, he said he didn’t pack it, so she did, without his knowledge.

    In the story at http://nymag.com/news/features/62043/

    >>I want to know if Danny feels guilty in some general way, for inattention or absence or anything. “Absolutely not,” Danny says.

    Wow. How can someone have no feelings of guilt at all? It is incomprehensible. Not even guilty for not following her down the road? For not calling her when she didn't show up? He was home before they even crashed. I can't possibly imagine not second-guessing every minute of that day and being overcome with guilt? Come on, guilt is one of the most basic human emotions there is, even when you have no control over a situation it is there. Is it possible this man has no emotions whatsoever? All he has lamented over is the loss of his wife and child, he never even mentions the 3 relatives, or 3 strangers that lost their lives.

    The story in NY Magazine that said how Diane Schuler cut her mother out of her life completely since the age of 9, pretending she did not exist due to her leaving the family, even though the other siblings and her father did not and her mother reached out to her for a relationship, stating it was her choice to keep her away. That is a huge thing to hold inside for 27 years. I do think this is the elemental key to the whole story. The public photos released of her wedding are telling, how could she, or anyone there, not be thinking about her mother, who was not invited. How do you go through your wedding day holding that inside? Since it was her wedding day, everyone had to suck it up and it was all about her and not mentioning the obvious absence, the rest of the family would have invited her to such an event. Then having children and depriving them of their grandmother, and vice-versa. This pattern of controlling social situations and punishing people who love you most due to perceived transgressions only makes me believe the murder/suicide theory. Did she punish her husband and brother for something we will never know about? I think everyone needs closure on this case, I am on the side of the victims who feel there is much more to the story. They said she is frugal and that’s why they carried the same bottle. The NY Magazine article says she was compulsive shopper, buying $300 purse for her sister in law, going out for milk and coming back with a Jeep, or a plasma tv. This sounds like someone with an impulse problem to me.

  4. i think the husband wants to keep this incident an "accident" due to a huge life insurance on all deceased family members. Otherwise he would be living in a (panel) van down by the river.

  5. Every word out of Daniel Schuler's mouth is spoken in an attempt to absolve himself of legal liability. He's not truly in "denial". He knows exactly what happened that day, and the truth will die with him.

    While it's irrelevant, I don't believe Diane was an alcoholic. Her liver showed no signs of alcoholism. I do think she was a binge drinker and big-time pot user who used these drugs on that fateful day to build up the courage to commit the act. Even an alcoholic doesn't guzzle 10+ shots of vodka while driving kids home at 11:00 am. This is the behavior of a raving lunatic hellbent on killing herself and the 5 kids in her vehicle. How she got to that point is no mystery. Her husband is a lazy, selfish loser who brought in no money and took on none of the parenting responsibilities. In his own words, "he never wanted kids". Diane was a perfectionist because she had to be in order to bring home the bacon while maintaining a household and caring for THREE kids--her daughter, her son and Daniel.

    What I wouldn't give to hear the phone conversations that took place that day.

  6. I have researched this over and over again from beginning to end. Peter F is correct in his opinion on this. Nothing else makes sense. She was pissed, she drank to get the nerve, she scoped out the area and killed them on purpose. Gia

  7. Yes it took her 4 hours to get the way of a 3 hour trip..Providing her aggressive, driving at high speeds mot of the way to the Tappen Zee Bridge where is all the extra time accounted for, how many places did she scout out, before deciding on how to seal her and the kids fate.

  8. Daniel is a sociopath, and she was a pyschopath

  9. I have also researched this tragedy. According to some who knew Diane well, stated that she was a heavy drinker, and was known to frequent bars. During the phone call the oldest niece made, Emma stated that Diane was drinking and smoking in the car. The kids were terrified, and crying. When Diane got on the phone, she was incoherent. Her toxicology report stated that she had smoked a joint at least 15mins to an hour before the crash, and had a considerable amount of undigested alcohol in her stomach, which meant that she had drank probably close to or had consumed the entire bottle of Vodka. Considering her blood alcohol count, she had to have started very early on in the trip home. It is also known that her marriage was in trouble. She more than likely felt pressured to be superwoman, doing it all! Working full time taking care of the bills, the house and the kids. It is well known, and Daniel himself had stated he never wanted kids, and that he expected her to be solely responsible for them. It is also know that she was not an occasional pot smoker. She used it on a regular basis. Does any of these behaviors make her a bad person? No. She was truly loved by her family and friends, and said to be a good mother. The pictures of her, though smiling, have a certain sadness in her eyes. I don't believe she was happy with her life. It seems she had it tough early on in life, and her sense of responsibility form a young age carried on into adulthood. At some point the pressure of that responsibility got to her. Drinking and smoking was her escape. While I do think what she did was intentional, I don't believe it was preplanned. It was a spur of the moment means to an end. Her own children were probably included in her plan as she knew her husband didn't want them, but she did. It would have been her way of keeping them together. Here nieces, sadly just happened to be in the car when she made her decision. Perhaps she felt they would all be better off. Unfortunately this is not the only tragedy of this kind. A few years ago, a woman had picked up her young niece and nephew, as she often did for a visit. While driving on 495, she pulled off to the side of the highway. It was January, and very cold. For some unknown reason, she undressed herself, and the children, got out of the car, and purposely walked them all into oncoming traffic, killing all three, after being struck by two vehicles. No one saw this coming. Her sister had stated that she had been depressed form time to time, but never gave any indication that she was a danger to herself or others. No one knows why she chose to included her sisters children in her suicide plan. Often it is because the person either fells they would be better off, or they are afraid to die alone. In Diane's case, I truly believe the timing was a plan of opportunity. On her almost 2 mile drive, in the wrong direction, she missed hitting several other cars. She made a split second decision to hit the Bastardi's SUV, and the other vehicle. This case will always haunt me as I not only feel for the victims of this tragedy, but the families themselves. I ironically, I am both a recovering alcoholic, 38years sober, and I am Bi polar. Have I considered suicide? sure. But I got help, and am on the right combo of meds, and receive ongoing treatment. Not everyone is so lucky.


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