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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Growing Marijuana for Profit Without the Threat Punishment

Medical marijuana in California has created a wave of people who have started growing the drug with the hopes of making a fortune. People are traveling from all over the country to get their foot in the door before it is closed. People think that because there are medical marijuana laws that it will protect them from the authorities. That is not the case, if you break the law and profit from growing pot under the guise that the plants are grown for medical purposes you will be incarcerated. There are more marijuana growers in the United States today than ever before, especially in California where laws are more relaxed. Unfortunately, the majority of marijuana grown in California is not for medical use and is being sold illegally. Marijuana is quickly becoming the next gold rush; the idea of growing marijuana for profit without the threat of punishment is inviting more people into the drug war. Federal officials plan to announce today 4.4 million plants have been seized since last summer, which is up 52%.

Since medical marijuana cuts into the Mexican cartels profits, they have become more aggressive with their guerrilla operations. The idea that legalizing pot would stop the cartels is not proving true. The United States legalizing medical marijuana will mean more pot will be grown to be sold illegally. Marijuana is an addictive drug that affects the lives of many people, more pot equals more addicts. Sadly, the Mexican cartels are using our national forests to grow marijuana, destroying our pristine habitats. According to the LA Times, "in 2008, 2.9 million plants were found, worth an estimated $11.6 billion. About 70% was grown on public lands. The campaign also seized 2.9 million plants in 2007".

The numbers are staggering and unfortunately they are our future. More people will be exposed to the drug than ever before, inevitably we will see addiction rates spike in America. It will be interesting to see how California goes about this transition and responds to the changes.


  1. It is very interesting article here. I look forward to reading these blogs, they always intrigue and interest me. Thanks for keeping us informed. I enjoyed here. I will visit this site in future too.

  2. It should be against thw law and Federal Law that these drug growers are growing this garbage. They need to crack down on every drug grower that grows this stuff. Before anyone thought of this, there was a different drug that was used before marijuana. They only use the medical part as a front so they don't get into trouble. Arrest them all and band it all.

  3. Hmmmm...Nice write up. You know what, actually the greedy people takes advantage of it hoping to land a massive fortune. Well in that case, they are the one that should be penalized and brought to jail. Growing marijuana is not all about income. It's the passion and eagerness to harvest the most potent and high grade plant. It's like a race to oblivion wherein you still have a long way to go from your goal. And the profit, it's just the buy-product of your labor.

  4. I cannot believe the ignorance of people these days! Yes I am speaking to all the posters whom have posted previously. WAKE UP AMERICA! Take the blindfolds off and think for your selves instead of through the lenses the local politicians whose only agenda has themselves pegged above all else.

    Why can people not simply think logically on this issue. We are spending billions of dollars each year to prevent the cultivation of a plant. A WEED! Lets follow the most intriguing defense of anti-marijuana enthusiasts for a moment; GATEWAY DRUG...

    Sounds logical. Why should a plant whose flowers are smoked to produce an intoxication no worse than alcohol not lead to harder drugs such as LSD CRACK AND Heroin? Gee... a plant can lead to hard core drug use ... why??? Because the government's best, most logical solution to the MEDICAL CONDITION of Addiction, and here again I stress a medical disorder of addiction, is to lock the addicted plant smoking guy up with CONVICTED heroin, crack, LSD, speed, meth, shroom, and pill users, also suffering from the medical condition called addiction, so that the innocent plant smoking teen can learn his lesson. Give me a break!

  5. To the guy above, right on man. I can't seem to get anyone to see the imbecility of the government who want to stop a certain "plant" from growing. Seriously if someone came up with the idea that roses should be "controlled" since they have thorns, these same people will go right ahead with that law. Pathetic.


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