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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Babysitter Sent to Detox for Extremely High BAC

Another babysitter has been arrested for being drunk in public while caring for two young children between the ages of 6 and 10. Witnesses of the event called the police when they noticed the babysitter was intoxicated and the two children were swimming in the water off the beach of Lake Phalen. "Kathryn S. Wegwerth, 20, was arrested about 2:25 p.m. at 1400 Phalen Boulevard for drinking in public and for underage consumption", according to the Star Tribune. Wegwerth blew a .35 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration), extremely high for anyone let alone someone babysitting two children. Police Officers who arrived at the scene discovered a 1.75 liter bottle of spiced rum in her purse. How much alcohol the sitter actually consumed at the beach is not certain, but based on her BAC and the fact that three quarters of the bottle was gone - a lot of it.

No one is quite sure how Wegwerth and the children got to the lake that day or how they were planning to get home, but officers claimed that Wegwerth said she was just getting ready to take the kids home. St. Paul police spokesman Andy Skoogman told reporters that at one point Wegwerth became "verbally abusive" to officers, who "believed she needed to be taken to detox for her own safety, which is what they did". There was no better place than detox for a 20 year old, who more than likely, is going down the road to alcoholism. Either way there will be specialists who can talk with her about what is going on.

A BAC of .35 is a pretty good indicator that a problem exists and treatment may be the most appropriate choice of action. Parents should talk to their babysitters about drugs and alcohol and also watch for signs indicating a problem. Addictions can lead to tragedies; sometimes harm innocent bystanders along the way. Hopefully problems are addressed early on so that there is less chance for incidents like Diane Schuler's. Thankfully Wegwerth was stopped before she had the opportunity to get behind the wheel.


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