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Monday, August 30, 2010

Michael Lohan to Open Drug Treatment Facility

Lindsay Lohan's dramatic addicted lifestyle has been a hot topic in the news lately between probation violations, jail, and finally rehab at UCLA. Now, Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father, is apparently moving to California to open a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Lindsay was released last week from her court-ordered stay in rehab at the UCLA Medical Center; she has been to treatment before for her substance abuse problems, so it comes as no surprise that her father might have a vested interest in recovery programs. “Yes, it’s, true, I’ll be running it,” Lohan told Radar Online.com in an exclusive interview. “I think it’s time that Dina and I both step out of the media for a while, and for me that means getting back to what I know best–helping people with addiction.”

There are some people who believe that this is also a business move for Michael Lohan, private treatment in most cases is not inexpensive and there is a chance that one could make a lot of money opening a treatment facility in the right area. 12 Step programs are free, anyone who believes that they have a problem is welcome no matter how padded your bank account is; but, treatment facilities are safe havens separated from the outside world with trained professionals in house to help guide the recovery process.

One can only speculate as to Michael Lohan's motives for his decision to make this move - is he giving back or taking from? Where the money to start the facility is coming from has not been released and we don't know the location yet either. More likely than not, the rehab will be in the LA area, but there are many prime locations in the Southern California area. “I believe spirituality and holistic methods can cure anything,” he said. “God will be a major element in recovery.”

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  1. That sounds like good news. more drugs and alcohol treatment centers means more people will be cured from that life-threatening disease/addiction. Thanks for the info!


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