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Friday, September 10, 2010

Diane Schuler Private Investigation Revealed

The case of the wrong-way Taconic Parkway driver Diane Schuler may finally be able to be put to rest, all the facts that could be accounted for have been. A private investigator hired by Diane Schuler's husband determined that there are no discrepancies with the toxicology report on Schuler and the autopsy is clear; Diane Schuler had consumed as much as ten shots of vodka and smoked marijuana before getting behind the wheel that day. "Absent any other investigative knowledge or medical determination there is nothing to counteract the Westchester medical examiner's findings," investigator Tom Ruskin said Wednesday.

Tom Ruskin, of CMP Group Investigations, has worked for over a year on this case, he said has not been in contact with Daniel Schuler or his lawyer, Dominic Barbara; they will not return his phone calls and they are going a different direction with this case - they are not ready to put the matter to rest. Daniel Schuler cannot accept the findings of the autopsy and toxicology report and apparently decided to take part in an HBO documentary that would exhume Diane's body. It is almost hard to believe that he would refute the scientific evidence of the car accident and what the causes were. The state of New York knows it, Tom Ruskin knows it, and the families of all the other victims know that Diane Schuler was heavily intoxicated and ended the lives of seven innocent people back in July of 2009.

"We were never consulted," Ruskin said. "It came as a surprise to me and my firm and my investigators that this was being done." Why Schuler made the decisions she made on that day know one will ever know, but, it happened no matter how many autopsies are done. We can only hope that people will take something from this tragedy so that we can help prevent it from happening again.

"You want the answer to these things. The public wants the answer. Why does a mother do this with her kids present? That why may never be answered," he said. "This is a story that has kept me up, kept my investigators up, it has eaten at everyone involved in it," he said.

New York Daily News


  1. I have reviewed story after story on this case in an attempt to try and make sense of the matter. How could a successful mother and wife of two beautiful children do such a thing? The family is looking for answers that are prominently impossible to answer. It is my theory that the husband knows more about what took place between his wife and himself then he is sharing with police and the public. Some are saying he feels no guilt and is selfish.
    I have to disagree with them it is the guilt that he has that drives him to convince and prove that his wife was not a closet alcoholic. The guilt of what really took place that morning is what leads him to believe and convince others that his wife was not an alcoholic but,instead may have drank that day to forget or deal with what took place among them that weekend. Diane's husband cant say what happen to cause his wife to do what she did so instead he focuses on proving that she was not a drunk and drug user but knowing all along that she did both on a regular bases.It is in my opinion that Diane was well aware that she was drinking and had narcotics in her system when she retrieved behind the wheel of the van. When an individual is intoxicated as much as the toxicology report specifies it tends to slow your bodies motorize skills down both physically and mentally. Diane had been captured on surveillance cameras as neither sluggish, nor unbalanced. In fact she is seen to appear norma, sober, and coherent.
    My opinion is as follows:
    On the morning of the accident Diane and her husband seem to have had a disagreement still lingering from the night or nights before. I take that the children may or may not have been witness but encountered the negative energy from the both of them. They packed up and may have just been happy to know that they would soon be back with their parents escaping the last hours of uncomforting experience. Diane struggled in forgiving and speaking with her mother after the separation that took place between her and her father. Diane decided to not speak to her mother in confining her hurt and anger over the separation.
    Knowing that even as an adult she was affected and has never truly recovered from the hurt and feelings she felt when the separation took place. In turn perhaps her husband had decided to break the news to Diane that the marriage and the kids in his life were not what he wanted any more. Perhaps he had decided to come clean about a secret relationship he was having with someone else.
    However, Diane could not deal with it and at first was not sure how to handle it but knew that as a child and even as an adult she has suffered from what took place between her own mother and father. The start of the day she carried on as usual with loading the kids for home and feeding them. On the drive home it finally hit her that her self and own kids would experience in her mind that same pain and feeling of abandonment. As she drives she drinks heavily and smokes over doing it at first which would be the reason for her vomiting on the side of the road.

  2. Continued
    It is too late as the memory sets in she becomes even more hurt in imagining and re-living her past of her parents. She is so drunk she calls her brother calling him Daniel thinking she is calling her husband to perhaps get him to reconsider or change his decision. In the meantime her husband has already headed home with no concern for his wife and children that are with her. This explains why he did not bother to call her or even wonder why he beat her home. By now Diane's brother and his wife are aware that Diane is not well and something is really wrong. When she realizes that they may know she is troubled she may have already made up her mind on what she was about to do.
    She is now aware that they were coming to look for her and may even try to convince her not to do something horrible. That is when she decides she is going to leave the phone on the side of the road to prevent from them calling her and to also prevent her from feeling guilty for what she was about to do. She may have even become paranoid that they would attempt to trace the whereabouts of the phone which could be another reason she did not want it on her person.

  3. Wow. Thats ALOT of assumptions of what was going through someones head, someone I have a feeling you never met.

    So even the sister-in-law and mother of some of the children that were lost, friends that have known her for decades, addiction professionals, people that study patients that have had mental breaks all say this is extremely out of character for her and cant offer an explanation, your armchair diagnoses that you came to by reading the thoughts of a dead stranger are supposed to hold weight?

    Non alcoholics cant walk, drive or even talk very well at a BAC of .18, nevermind potentiating it with marijuana. On the gas station footage she appears totally sober. To have a tolerance like that is almost impossible to keep secret from your family. People tend to notice you reek of booze. When you drink that much you often still stink the next day as alcohol comes out of your pores.

    I was in a car struck by a drunk driver and my freind was killed. The driver had a bac of .10 and we had almost a dozen people come forward to say how much she drank. Bartenders, the guys at the liquor store, neighbors that noticed her car was parked in the middle of the lawn on sat/sun mornings. And our car wasnt packed with little kids. People would of came forward to refute the family's claim she wasnt a drunk.

    We'll never know what really happened.


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