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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mad Hatter Abuse in Ohio

As the federal government works to put bans on “legal high” drugs being sold as incense under the name of “Spice or K2”, manufacturers have already come up with new formulas being sold under different names. One such incense which is being abused in the state of Ohio is called “Mad Hatter”: A form of synthetic marijuana, which can cause hallucinations and increased heart rate.

Last week, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a law that makes synthetic marijuana and bath salts illegal to sell or possess. The law does not go into effect for 90 days, so in the mean time Mad Hatter is still legal in the state. Mad Hatter is sold in three-gram packages that are marked “not for human consumption.” They sell for about $25 each.

David Davis, Director of the Emergency Services and Trauma Unit for Genesis, a hospital in Zanesville, OH, told the newspaper that they had treated a number of patients who had abused these “legal highs”.

“Patients are coming in agitated, vomiting, in seizures, paranoid or having hallucinations. The reactions are similar to those when ingesting the bath salts that seem to be on the rise.”

The Ohio bill includes an amendment that would make it illegal to produce any substance that is similar to Spice or bath salts after the bill is signed. The amendment will keep manufacturers from skirting the new bill and just changing the formula a little. Hopefully in a few years drugs like these will be illegal all over the country and any attempt to skirt the laws put in place will be a punishable offense.

Lancaster Eagle Gazette


  1. The truth aboit mad hatter... it's a horrible drug! Stay away from it!!

  2. Hatter has stolen my family! Please stay away from it! I have an eighteen yr old who is addicted to it. He has become abusive, started lying and stealing, and only cares about "Hatter". I can not convince him that it is illegal since he can just go to the gas station and buy it. This "incense" is the worst thing to ever happen to us!!

  3. Honestly, I have done it before. However, I will never do it again. The high is EXTREMELY intense but lasts for a short time. I stopped because I truly felt like it was killing me. It completely distorts your perception of reality when you're under the effects. What scares me the most is that I'm not quite sure what the long-term effects are after smoking it. Another reason I quit.

  4. I just tried it tonight and it was terrible. After bout 30 seconds of taking my first hit, I was gone. I completely lost control of my body. I could vaguely hear people talking to me, but I could not comprehend what they were saying. I had to have 2 friends carry me inside to the couch bc there was no way of me walking. I could feel my heart racing so fast. My friends told me that one minute I was cheery and talking and the next I was whiter than a ghost. It only lasted for bout 30 minutes to an hour, but it was the worst time I've ever had smoking something. I suggest noone ever try it.

  5. We appreciate everyone's comments on this topic. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your experience.

  6. I just got back from the e.r. yesterday, and im still not alright from mad hatter. It will defiantly kill you. im so scared for my life right now.

  7. I tried once at a buddy's house i was just sitting there and i just took one hit and starting playing some game and all of a sudden i drop the controller i felt crazy. all my friends were trying to talk to me but i could reply to them and i had no control over my body i starting throwing up and got really pale and they helped be up but it just made it worse i couldn't even hold the bag they gave me to puke it i was honestly thinking i was about to die.. i will never do that ever again and a few weeks later one of my friends ended up going to the hospital because of it. never try it !!

  8. I smoked this it just made me laugh and i couldn't move my perception is still the same didnt have to go to the hostpital i was fine but i got to be honest i cant remember alot of things

  9. This shit is crazy at first I felt a high very similar to marijuana. It was an intense body high, I could actually feel this stuff coursing thru my body from my head, dwn to my feet then back up and BAM! I was gone my cuñado was trying to snap me out of it bt I felt like I couldn't reply. I felt myself slipping into another reality n I seriously felt like I was in sum crazy videogame shooting stuff. I was actaully making the sound effects and everything! Only lasted a couple mins bt I felt awesome aftr I came back! DO NOT TRY ALONE! And if u have nevr tried a hallucinigen do nt start with this! Ppl have diferent reactions to this stuff. Mine was very intense. Had a headache after and I am nt looking to try again.

  10. I'm 'old school' and remember how everyone said smoking weed was going to make us crazy. Well it never did but the government still considers it illegal. So, what do these idiots do? They come up with something 10x worse and now everyone is scrambling trying to make it illegal. There are too many other things in this world that need to be addressed without wasting resources trying to eradicate weed. Make it legal and get this crap off of the streets.
    As an RN, I've seen the changes this stuff causes in NORMAL people! In psychiatric patients it's nearly uncontrollable. It is frightening because there is not much that can be done for them except medicate them 'to sleep' until it passes. And to the merchants selling this crap, you should be picketed 24/7 until you remove the product. That's the ONLY way some of these merchants will stop is when the rest of their sales fall down the toilet!


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