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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drug Addiction: My Story Part 1

The life of an addict is hard, it is more than hard. The life of an addict is a 24 hour 7 day a week job. Take it from me, someone who knows.

Yes, I am an addict and this is part of my story.

When I was 13 years old I felt different, a little more insecure then most, a little more afraid then everyone. I was a shy boy, who was a little chubby. I thought I had to be tough and wouldn't let anyone know how I was feeling. I hated the way I felt and I searched for something to make me feel different. For me it started with alcohol. I hate the way it tasted, but of course I drank it anyway and I felt better.

It wasn't excatly what I was looking for, so I tried pot, loved it, but being a chubby kid hated the way it made me eat. So one day I was at my dealers house and he was out of marijuana, but he had some speed and asked, would you like that instead.
Speed I said, what is that?
He said it keeps you awake. I said sure let me try it. And that was it. I was hooked.
It was everything I was looking for. It told me I could do anything. I could focus. I wasn't hungry all the time. And most of all, it told me I could do and be anything I ever wanted to be  ... I would just need more.
Well this is the beginning, if you are not an addict and have never experienced anything like this or if you are an addict and you want recovery or are wonder what comes next.

Continue to read my blog because I am going to walk you through my life, "The Life of an Addict". from the beginning of a disease, through hard times, desperation, jails, institutions, a near death experience, and now.

What I have become and what I am doing with my life and how one addicts experience can change the lives of many. I hope you will continue to read from day to day.

to be continued ...

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