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Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's Drug Abuse and Anorexia

Michael Jackson's drug abuse and anorexia are believed to be the causes behind his cardiac arrest. It has been reported that the late Michael Jackson barely had any food in his stomach when he died last Thursday of suspected cardiac arrest. Jackson, who was 5ft 10in tall, we are told weighed 112lbs when he died and that there were traces of undissolved pills in his stomach. Only 50 years old and access to the best doctors in our nation, we have to ask the question: "What is going on in America with prescription drugs and our desire to weigh as little as possible?"

An autopsy was performed on Jackson in Los Angeles last Friday where some say they discovered that Jackson's body was covered in needle wounds from his alleged dependence on painkilling medication. News reports claimed Dr. Conrad Murray (Jackson's private physician) had injected the singer with Demerol, a drug similar to morphine, just before he suffered cardiac arrest. But Dr. Murray’s lawyer, Edward Chernoff, said to the Los Angeles Times that these claims were “absolutely false”. Regardless of when Jackson had his last injection, the autopsy does not lie; if it is factual that Jackson had track marks, then there is a clear indicator that he was spiraling out of control fast. Drug abuse combined with anorexia is the perfect mixture for a quick and untimely demise no matter how great your doctor.

The LA Coroner's office said there was no sign of foul play or indications of external trauma, but Jackson's family has called for a second and independent autopsy. No matter what they find in the second autopsy, the fact remains that America has lost one of its greatest stars. Jackson's death has opened the door for everyone to take a look at heath care in the U.S. and the way doctors prescribe addictive and potentially lethal medications to anyone. At what point would it have been clear that Jackson, 50 years old and 112 pounds, had serious issues that needed to be addressed. It is easy to see that the star needed to be hospitalized and required extensive dual diagnosis treatment for his illness.

My heart goes out to Jackson's family for their unnecessary loss, I am also saddened knowing that all of this could have been avoided. His death makes it very clear that there needs to be drastic reform in our heath system on a grand scale. Please share your thoughts about this American problem.

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"Overmedication: Not just a celebrity problem
June 29: The late Michael Jackson had numerous health issues, including a reported dependency on pain killers. Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, join Dylan Ratigan and Nancy Snyderman. Is overmedication a celebrity problem or a symptom of a “sick” health care system?"

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