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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Take #8 What is the best way to begin to normalize the dysregulated brain function and allow the person to regain some behavioral control over the use of the addicting substances?My Take #8

The best way to provide a successful result is a residential treatment program. The program begins with a medical assessment before the detoxification begins. The purpose of the detoxification to remove the drugs that are acting on the mesolimbic dopamine system (MLS). Slowly there is fleeting control changes giving back the power to the fore brain (thus the decision make become more normal). 
 Many treatment options are available, and are individualized to fit your recovery needs.  Stopping active addiction is just the beginning.  Recovery is a process of healing the mind, body and spirit.  Our program covers a wide variety of therapeutic areas and techniques designed to get you back into living a happy, clean, and sober lifestyle. For instance gym workouts and groups at the beach in the sunshine allow the nature body chemicals to begin to help take back the brain. Time is the great restorer. Slowly the forebrain gains mental clarity and the loving descent law abiding person returns. This is the beginning stages of getting “CHOICE” back into the equation relating to substance abuse. We use multiple disciplines to help the individual complete the process of early recovery. The process is healing the mind, body and spirit.
Our Goal is to resolve the core psychological problems that trigger the use of the substances. Thus, we provide psychological counseling in one-on-one and group settings through the utilization of the latest advances in Addiction Medicine, individual and group counseling, immersion in 12-Step recovery principles, long term continuing care planning, patients find that full recovery is more than just a possibility.
We teach an understanding of how and why the midbrain Hi-jacks the person away from “the seat of all that we are” in the fore brain. Teach techniques to control the ‘Cravings” that every addicted person has when they are becoming clean and sober. Time and good recovery tools leads to a less intense craving
Ernie @ Hope By The Sea

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