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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Social Networking and Addiction Recovery

social networking

Social networking and addiction recovery are working together to help recovering alcoholics and drug addicts stay connected. The key to a strong and successful recovery has always been contingent upon staying plugged into the recovery community. Now, with Web 2.0 and our ability to network with people all around the world, it does not matter where you are; a person in recovery is capable of staying connected as long as they can find a computer.

Working the steps, going to meetings, and surrounding oneself with a sober community are three suggestions for success. Unfortunately, people can't always be close to their immediate support network; whether it is work related or family related, traveling is an inevitable part of life. Cell phones do not work everywhere you go, but, in the 21st century there is Internet everywhere. Just about all local businesses cater to the public by providing WiFi for their patrons. This allows anyone in the recovery community to maintain communication with their local network from thousands of miles away.

The Internet may be one of your strongest allies in the fight to stay sober and taking advantage of it could be what stands between you and your next drink or drug. Here is a list of some social networking websites that may interest you and your support network. They are available for you to sign up for:


At these websites anonymity is just as important as it is in the program of recovery. They offer different types of memberships, so you can choose what suits you. They host online group meetings where you can talk about what's going on with you. The ability to share (if you choose) your blogs, messages, and videos is available as well. Find what will work for you and give it a chance, who knows what you might find?

Like the other sites listed above, our Hope by the Sea blog is made available as a tool for our alumni and the recovering community in general to stay connected and informed. Let us hear your thoughts about social networking and recovery.

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