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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Possible 'Stroke-Like' Attack Caused Taconic Crash

Taconic Possible Stroke Attack

The country is still wondering how the car crash that left eight people dead on the Taconic Parkway could have happened. The husband of the intoxicated driver, Diane Schuler, insists that his wife was not an alcoholic and that there must have been something else operating on that tragic day; claiming that a possible 'stroke-like' attack could have been the cause of everything that happened on the Taconic. With a blood alcohol level of .19% and high on marijuana it is hard to believe that there was not a problem; even if she was not an alcoholic, we could even remove alcohol form the entire picture, there is no reason why she should been "high" with five children in the car with her. Nevertheless, Diane Schuler was high and drunk when she drove the wrong way towards oncoming traffic. It seems that the writing is pretty clear and that Schuler's husband may have been in the dark about her substance abuse problem. It's highly unlikely, but, possible he did not see that his wife had a problem.

On the other hand, Mr. Schuler was arrested for a DUI over ten years ago and so it stands to reason that he could be an alcoholic as well. Furthermore, Diane Schuler's husband has to argue that this was out of the ordinary behavior because he let her drive away with the kids that morning; if he admits to knowing about his wife's addiction he could be held partially responsible for the events of that day. Some journalists are reporting and I find it interesting that Mr. Schuler's son, the only survivor that day, may not have been released back to his father until the authorities decide whether it is a safe and healthy environment. Mr. Schuler has hired a top-notch attorney to represent him, almost as if he knows that he did something wrong that day. They argue that a possible 'stroke-like attack is to blame for such irrational behavior on the Taconic by Diane Schuler; experts say that it is highly unlikely that was the cause. "This is a killing. Don't call it an accident", said Irving Anolik the Bastardi family's attorney. Anolik argues that medical condition theories are "at war with the autopsy report, with the blood analysis, with the whole panorama of things that surround this killing."

It's probably best not to speculate too much into what went on that day until all the facts are in. I will say that it will be interesting to see what the authorities figure out and if the victims' families will see any justice. Is it possible that Mr. Schuler had no idea that his wife had a problem? It's not like someone wakes up one morning and makes the decision to start binge drinking vodka! I encourage you to watch a short video with Dr. Nancy Snyderman, on the Today Show, about whether or not you can hide a drinking problem from your family.

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