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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cannabis Planet Dedicated to the World of Marijuana

The Marijuana culture has been quietly finding its way into the national mainstream via the media. "Cannabis Planet" is a show dedicated to the world of Marijuana and has become a clear sign of how the drug is finding its way into the culture of Californians. "We're trying to show the legitimacy of this plant," said Brad Lane, the executive producer of the half-hour program. According to the New York Times you can find, "tips for cultivating Marijuana. Testimonials by patients about its medical benefits. Cannabis cooking lessons. Even citations for award-winning strains of pot. Viewers here can now watch, every week, what amounts to a pro-weed news program." Brad Lane pays for the twice-weekly air time on the independent station KJLA. The station claims that nobody that has witnessed the show has made a complaint, which, I believe is very hard to believe. Legalizing the drug is one thing, but advertising it on public television is a completely other thing; are we sending out a message that can be misinterpreted by the masses?

"Medical marijuana is now legal in 14 states and the lobbying organization NORML says efforts to legalize it are under way in 15 other states. Marijuana use remains illegal under federal law, but in a break from prior policies, the Obama administration said in February that federal officials would stop raiding dispensaries of medical marijuana authorized under state law," the New York Times reports. Cannabis Planet is not the only show about Pot on television and there are others on the way. Pretty soon there will be a huge market for an already billion dollar business and the media intends on capitalizing on it.

Legalizing weed is not without its controversy and people have been abusing the drug for some time now. Marijuana is the number one drug in the United States and with the curbing of certain laws there will be a "Green Rush" that will sweep across the country, which will no doubt increase the abuse. There are good arguments on both sides and if the drug becomes totally legal I do not believe that advertising the drug in the media is acceptable. Cigarettes companies are not allowed to advertise their product; I don't understand how proponents of Marijuana can advertise theirs.

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