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Monday, October 5, 2009

South American Cocaine Is Now Moving Towards West Africa

A shift is happening in the drug trade and new regions are being affected. The United States and Mexico have been working to seal the border in an attempt to keep drugs out. The cartels have begun looking for new markets to harness. South American cocaine is now moving towards West Africa for distribution in Europe and other growing markets. The use of cocaine in the U.S. is dropping but new regions are going to be dramatically effected. "But U.S. drug czar Gil Kerlikowske said the shift does not mean the United States can claim a triumph, as the drug trade reaches into and threatens to destabilize new regions", according to Reuters. Kerlikowske does believe that this is not a good thing necessarily; the war is just moving to a new battle ground, the problem still exists.

West Africa has been known for corrupt governments and weak infrastructure. Drugs pouring into these countries are being trafficked through out Europe. The point of Origin for cocaine in the world is South America primarily in Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia. In the last 9 years the United States has given billions of dollars in aid to help stop the flow of cocaine. "We have not stopped the flow we have merely diverted it and the rest of the world is going to suffer. Latin America's drug wars are largely fueled by U.S. demand and Kerlikowske, a former Seattle police chief, is promising a balanced approach with increased emphasis on drug addiction prevention and treatment programs" states Reuters.

As we follow the news on the larger picture of drug trafficking, the drug cartels, and our continuing war on drugs, it is important to stay alert to our own families and friends. Be aware of the signs of drug addiction and alcoholism. The real story is unfolding in front of our eyes.

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