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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New York City Police Officer Accused Of Using Badge And Police Car In Cocaine Conspiracy

Some police officers, after seeing the lucrative business that the criminals they go after are in, decide that they deserve a piece of the pie; using their connections and authority to bypass the law and have an edge. Officials said Friday that a New York City police officer is being accused of using his badge and police car in a cocaine conspiracy. According to the New York Times, Officer Juan Acosta used the powers of the law to, "help a friend run a cocaine-distribution operation, providing tips on which streets were lightly patrolled by officers and stealing cash from a rival drug courier in the guise of a police seizure, officials said Friday."

Acosta, who joined the police force in 2000, had been helping his friend Yorick Rafael Corneil-Perez, along with others to distribute large quantities of cocaine. According to the United States Attorney's office in Manhattan, this group of individuals was responsible for "multiple kilograms of cocaine" in and around the city. The New York Times reports "The men, both 34 and from the Bronx, have been charged with participating in a cocaine-distribution conspiracy and with conspiring to commit extortion in connection with Officer Acosta’s improper use of his authority".

Officer Acosta helped secure the transportation of drugs throughout the city, he knew which areas were less heavily patrolled thus giving him the upper hand. The two men had agreed to help a drug trafficker from Columbia protect a shipment from Long Island to the Bronx when they were caught. The Colombian was an undercover confidential government informant. This was a big bust for the police and without a doubt helped keep some cocaine of the streets. Acosta was held without bail after pleading not guilty at his arraignment on Friday before Magistrate Judge Kevin N. Fox. Corneil-Perez was held without bail after his arraignment on Thursday.
The War on Drugs continues...

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