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Monday, April 19, 2010

Drunk Granny Crashes Car With Kids In Backseat

I am sure we all have not forgotten the Taconic Parkway tragedy that happened last summer; unfortunately there are some people who didn't learn anything from Diane Schuler's mistakes. Since Schuler's catastrophic wreck, there have been several instances where parents have chosen to put their children's lives at risk with their drinking. Drinking can be risky business when you are not behind the wheel, driving drunk is always a recipe for disaster; we can only hope that people who choose to drink and drive will be pulled over before something regrettable happens. Such was the case last week with a Memphis grandmother who got drunk and crashed her car with her three grandchildren in the backseat.

Sharon Kimbrough faces nine separate charges after the accident, a crash that put the lives of three small children at risk. What's more is that Kimbrough's relatives are defending her, saying that what happened was an isolated incident - she learned her lesson. "She had been drinking, but she just still had the bottle in there", says her son Brell Kimbrough to CBS. "She wasn't drinking while she was driving. I know that for a fact". But, when police got to the crash they smelled a "strong odor" of alcohol on the grandmother's breath, she had "soiled her clothing with urine" and noticed she was "swaying while standing". There was an empty cup that smelled of alcohol inside the vehicle and there was a half empty bottle of Canadian Mist Whiskey as well. The children, ages three, two, and one did not have seat belts on when the crash happened.

There is nothing isolated about letting anyone drive intoxicated with children in the car, that behavior is insane and it is not normal behavior to be diving around with a half empty bottle of Canadian Mist Whiskey. Kimbrough needs help and it would appear that her family could use some as well. Excusing this kind of behavior is inexcusable. It would be nice if people, especially families, would remember Diane Schuler and just how bad things can get.


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