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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Magic Drink Claims To Reduce The Effects of Alcohol

People who drink alcohol excessively are always looking for a way to process alcohol quicker so that they have the ability to continue partying or even drive home. Hangovers are fairly common experience for those who drink excessively and there is a host of products on the market that claim to reduce the chance of a hangover. What most people do not realize is that when you put a chemical like alcohol into your system a whole series of chemical reactions take place. The idea that you could use a magical product that would counter the effects alcohol has on the human body is magical thinking. The rate at which the body processes alcohol varies from person to person depending on a number variables, taking something to counter the effects of alcohol is not only unhealthy but it is also very dangerous.

The release of a "magic" drink claiming to reduce drunkenness and ease hangovers is being negotiated in France this week. Products like this exist all over the world and they have health experts concerned that people will use these products to help them drive home from the bar. The sparkling canned drink is made by of Outox, they claim that it is a "revolutionary" product that "greatly speeds up" the breakdown of alcohol in the blood. Skeptics of the product worry that people will make even poorer decisions if they have a magical drink that they think will sober them up - not true.

There have been no medical breakthroughs in the scientific world that have shown to reduce the effects of alcohol on the human system. Alcohol will affect a person until it is out of their system no matter how many new substances are introduced to the system. The key to driving sober is to not drink and the key to not being hungover is to not drink too much; a person can take all the magical drinks they want it will not change the fact that they are drunk. If alcohol is getting in the way of your driving and affecting you the next day, you may need more help than a magical drink can provide!

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