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Monday, July 19, 2010

iDosing Digital Drugs

There is a new drug out there that people do not know much about and people are concerned may be a problem for some. Apparently all one needs to get high is a pair of headphones, a computer, and a dark area to tune out in. They are called "digital drugs" and they are becoming quite popular amongst the youth as more teenagers discover the world of sonic drugs. That's right, sound, the drug that everyone is talking about, not just any sounds but repetitive atonal tracks that reportedly can cause hallucinations. An analysis done on the dangers of "sound dosing" has shown that the act itself is relatively safe, but, this may lead to more addictive behaviors that are not so harmless.

The creators of the digital drugs call their product iDosing and doses can be purchased on their website. Different doses do different things, one dose in particular they claim will help you quit smoking cigarettes, another is supposed to be good for anxiety and there is one for energy as well. iDosing was discovered by the public when kids at Mustang High School in Oklahoma were caught wasted on "monotonous, layered sounds in a dark room". The school decided to send a letter home to parents warning them of the possibility that their child might be iDosing. Owner of I-Doser.com, Nick Ashton, supports Mustang's warning for parents saying, "we have heard of that, and we agree. Any method that involved experiencing a simulated mood or experience should be taken seriously... I-Doser.com is not dangerous, completely safe, but any user should be aware that this is causing a modification of mood..."

iDosing is clearly designed to appeal to a younger audience; however, they are also trying to entice drug addicts to try their product. Their Recreational Simulations pack cost $16.95 is a collection of 4 doses in MP3 format: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opium, and Peyote. Whether or not these digital drugs actually work is still up for debate, but what is certain kids are interested in trying these new drugs and it promotes addictive behavior at a young age which is never good.

What are your thoughts on digital drugs?

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