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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Senator Anthony Galluccio Released From Prison

After pleading guilty to a 2009 hit-and-run accident in December 2009, former Massachusetts State Senator Anthony Galluccio was first sentenced to six months of house arrest; but, after only three days following his sentence, Galluccio failed a chemical alcohol test and was immediately violated on his probation. "Anthony Galluccio was just released from prison today after completing almost half of his January 2010 prison sentence. There were terms and conditions set by the Parole Officer for Galluccio to follow which include submitting to scheduled and non-scheduled chemical testing for alcohol and drugs, attending alcohol and drug abuse counseling, attending at least three weekly AA meetings, and he must attend scheduled meetings with his Parole Officer", according to the Examiner.

In January 2010, after violating his probation, Galluccio was sentenced to prison for one year. Galluccio testified that he believed that he failed the test because of his toothpaste and denied that he ever drank alcohol in his home while on house arrest. Naturally the judge wasn't believing Galluccio and passed his judgment. Now he is out of prison and can start working towards making a better life for himself and his family, hopefully one free from drugs and alcohol. His probation is pretty strict, which means there will be little if any room for error.

Galluccio is not the first politician to get in trouble with the law for substance abuse problems; there are a number of state officials who currently attend 12-step meeting in order to keep on the path of recovery. Both the late Ted Kennedy and his son Patrick struggled with drugs and alcohol over the years, and Patrick is fighting for the right of addicts and alcoholics who cannot get insurance today. Perhaps, Galluccio will find happiness in sobriety and will be able to get back to helping people rather than hurting them.

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