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Monday, August 9, 2010

1 in 5 Abuse Alcohol: Australia

Alcohol is sold all over the world and it affects more lives than any other substance. The alcohol beverage industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, one that spends a lot of money figuring out how to encourage people to drink more alcohol despite the scientific evidence that shows how damaging alcohol can be to the human body. Quite often alcohol is set off to the side and isn't considered a drug in the typical sense of the word, but, make no mistake about it; alcohol contains a very powerful drug - Ethanol. The main ingredient in all alcoholic beverages is a powerful psychoactive drug and was more than likely the first drug to ever be abused. Now that alcoholism rates are through the roof, all across the world, it is hard to believe how much we allow alcohol to be so prevalent and so easy for young people to attain.

A new study done in Australia came back with some pretty shocking numbers which have a lot people concerned. The study found that Australia has one of the highest rates of alcohol abuse in the world, "the study by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre found that one in five Australians abuses alcohol, yet four out of five people with alcohol issues go untreated", reported ABC news. Professor Maree Teeson, who was a part of the study, said that "alcohol abuse does not refer to how much someone drinks; instead it reflects the impact it is having on their life".

The study showed that young men were the most common to have problems with alcohol. Sadly, in the 21st century there is still a stigma related to seeking help for problem drinking, Professor Teeson believes that that is happening in Australia - people are ashamed to seek help. That shame prolongs one's ability to recover and that is why it is so important to surrender and seek help for the disease.

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