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Friday, September 10, 2010

Diane Schuler Private Investigation Revealed

The case of the wrong-way Taconic Parkway driver Diane Schuler may finally be able to be put to rest, all the facts that could be accounted for have been. A private investigator hired by Diane Schuler's husband determined that there are no discrepancies with the toxicology report on Schuler and the autopsy is clear; Diane Schuler had consumed as much as ten shots of vodka and smoked marijuana before getting behind the wheel that day. "Absent any other investigative knowledge or medical determination there is nothing to counteract the Westchester medical examiner's findings," investigator Tom Ruskin said Wednesday.

Tom Ruskin, of CMP Group Investigations, has worked for over a year on this case, he said has not been in contact with Daniel Schuler or his lawyer, Dominic Barbara; they will not return his phone calls and they are going a different direction with this case - they are not ready to put the matter to rest. Daniel Schuler cannot accept the findings of the autopsy and toxicology report and apparently decided to take part in an HBO documentary that would exhume Diane's body. It is almost hard to believe that he would refute the scientific evidence of the car accident and what the causes were. The state of New York knows it, Tom Ruskin knows it, and the families of all the other victims know that Diane Schuler was heavily intoxicated and ended the lives of seven innocent people back in July of 2009.

"We were never consulted," Ruskin said. "It came as a surprise to me and my firm and my investigators that this was being done." Why Schuler made the decisions she made on that day know one will ever know, but, it happened no matter how many autopsies are done. We can only hope that people will take something from this tragedy so that we can help prevent it from happening again.

"You want the answer to these things. The public wants the answer. Why does a mother do this with her kids present? That why may never be answered," he said. "This is a story that has kept me up, kept my investigators up, it has eaten at everyone involved in it," he said.

New York Daily News

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