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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quick Cheap Drug Test for Parents To Check If Their Kids Are Using Drugs

Both addiction and recovery begin in the household, the environment children grow up in can influence teenagers to start experimenting with drugs and alcohol and usually it is the parents who discover that their child is using. Learning that there is a problem isn't the easiest thing, without a drug test it easy for teenagers to talk their way out of accusations. Most parents are hesitant to drug test their children, there are many cases where parents would rather not know the truth; the catch is that knowing the truth could ultimately end up being what saves a child's life.

A British company created an affordable hand-held drug testing device that uses a saliva sample, in 5 minutes parents can know if their children are using drugs, such as cannabis, cocaine or other illegal substances. Universal Sensors Ltd, of Ickleton, Cambridgeshire, said their Vantix biosensor technology could also be used by the police to carry out roadside tests on drivers suspected of driving while under the influence of drugs. Kevin Auton, the company's Commercial Director, told the press that they realize the availability of such a device poses ''huge implications for society", reports the UK's Daily Mail.

The test will be inexpensive and they will be able to produce 30 billion tests a year, "It's as simple to use as a pregnancy test." He added that the company was "very focused on getting the test out of the laboratory and onto other platforms". A test like this will be very useful and the most important aspect is the price, a lot of parents won't drug test their children because traditional drug tests are very expensive. Now parents will have no excuse for not testing their kids and problems can be dealt with before they get any more out of hand.

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