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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rally for Recovery! Online

Social Networking is a huge part of the recovery process, many aspects of recovery deal with connecting with the community. It has long been said that recovering from drugs and alcohol cannot be done alone; so many elements of 12 step programs have do with interpersonal communication. Being open and honest with your peers about what is happening in one's life is crucial to the recovery process; making connections with other addicts helps guide you through the process - one addict helping another. Wherever there are two or more people there can be a meeting where addicts can talk about their past, present, and future; often times, running an idea by another addict can be what keeps you sober.

Sometimes you are away from your support and need to chat with someone and there is not a meeting available for you to go to. The explosion of social networking websites online has allowed addicts to connect with each other from all over the globe. Mainstream social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have provided the perfect platform for people in recovery to network. In the past two years that have been a few recovery specific social networking sites that have popped up and they became pretty popular; last year we wrote a post about some of them. Just recently, Faces & Voices of Recovery, the national organization for people in recovery from addiction, launched a new web-based resource, Rally for Recovery! Online, where people can register the number of years they have been in recovery from addiction and find out about National Recovery Month events and rallies nationwide.

Rally for Recovery will allow people to find out what is going on in the community allowing addicts to connect with each other with ease. “Faces & Voices is pleased that PRO-ACT’s (Pennsylvania Recovery Organization - Achieving Community Together) Philadelphia 2010 Recovery Walks! will be the national ‘hub’ on September 25,” said Faces & Voices board chair Steve Gumbley. The goal of Rally for Recovery is to speak out for "improved local, state and federal policies and to demonstrate the reality of recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs".

“We are rallying for recovery to help make change happen at all levels,” said Gumbley.

Note: September is National Recovery Month!

Source: Faces & Voices of Recovery

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