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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Economic Woes Spark Revival of Beer Sales at College Stadiums

College is the place where excessive drinking, as well as binge drinking, occurs quite frequently. It is a common theme amongst most college campuses for students to drink hard and fast which is the cause for high rates of alcohol poisoning with students. Students drink especially heavy around and on game day, where it is practically socially acceptable to drink like crazy. In the past there were number of college stadiums that did not sell alcohol on the premises forcing students to drink at home, in bars, and while sitting on the tail gate of a truck outside the stadium. However, as the economy continues to head in a downward spiral some college stadiums are turning to alcohol to raise their revenue.

Alcohol is big business in college towns, not only with alcohol sales, but, with advertising; you can go into just about any college town and see that Budweiser or Coors support the local team wholeheartedly, which is why the fans should support the beer companies by buying their products - seems fair. The NCAA has a ban on alcohol sales during championship games, but, for some reason has failed to stop alcohol sales during regular-season games. It is fair to say that students drink a lot regardless of whether their team is winning or losing and they will certainly drink whether or not the football stadium caters to their needs. Why would a college help their students get more intoxicated by serving at the games?

About one in four NCAA Division I schools allow alcohol sales in some areas of their stadiums, but, in September:

  • Fans of the University of Louisville at Lafayette were able to buy beer inside the stadium for the first time
  • Fans of University of Memphis were able to buy booze at the Liberty Bowl
  • Both the University of Akron and the University of Maryland began selling beer to their luxury-box patrons

Jack Sammons, chief administrative officer for the city of Memphis, said that while the city realizes "the university would prefer we not sell beer ... it's my job is to look under every rock these days for new revenue opportunities, so we've agreed to disagree". The city of Memphis, which owns the Liberty Bowl, expects to make $200,000 annually from beer sales.


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