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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mass Driver Faces 11th Alcohol-Related Charge

Drunk driving is a problem in every state in America, punishment varies depending on where you reside, and some states are more lenient than others. First offenses rarely result in jail time; heavy fines are pretty much the standard along with suspension of one's license. Second and third DUIs usually result in jail time, heavier fines, and in most cases jail time. So what happens when you get your 11th DUI ?

A man with an active Massachusetts driver’s license was taken into custody over the weekend for driving drunk, having 10 prior impaired-driving offenses on his record, authorities said. It would be fair to say that it makes very little sense that a person with that many offenses on their record could have an active driver's license in any state considering the fact the DMV is a national database. Apparently it is possible to slip through the DMV's cracks and continue putting people's lives at risk. Vernon Perry, 52, refused to take part in a breath test when he was taken into custody after being observed speeding, crossing the double yellow line, and failing several field sobriety tests, Seekonk police Captain Craig Mace said yesterday.

"Under state law, drivers can have their license suspended for up to one year for their first operating under the influence conviction, up to two years for their second, up to eight years for their third, and up to 10 years for their fourth, according to documents posted on the Registry’s website. Drivers can lose their license for life after a fifth offense, documents show."

It is unbelievable that anyone with 5 or better, 10 DUIs on the record could ever be allowed to operate even a riding lawnmower let alone an automobile. Perry clearly needs help for his apparent alcohol problem, but, it seems like the DMV needs to get their ducks in order before more people's lives are put into jeopardy.

"Thirty-two percent of all traffic deaths in Massachusetts were alcohol-related last year, and there have been 666 drunken-driving fatalities in the state in the past five years, according to data published on the national MADD website."

Boston Globe

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