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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everybody Deserves A Second Chance

Alcoholism and drug addiction can strip people of their lives, but, before it does that it usually smashes their dreams. Addiction is a powerful adversary, one that is almost impossible to understand by those who are not affected by it. Great men and women have lost everything to drugs and alcohol, left with one of two choices: continue using and live a life full of misery or find an outlet towards recovery and slowly one's dreams can be realized once again and even achieved. It is said that miracles can be witnessed everyday in the realm of recovering addicts, from being reunited with one's family to getting back an old job, if one works hard enough there isn't anything that cannot be attained.

On the streets of Cleveland, Ohio a miracle is happening to a homeless man who lost everything to his addiction. Ted Williams became a national phenomenon overnight due to a street interview video with photographer Doral Chenoweth who works for the Columbus Dispatch. Chenoweth found Williams standing on the side of the road with a sign that read, "I have a God given gift of a great voice". The video was uploaded to the Internet and went viral overnight and during an interview on Columbus radio station 97.9 Wednesday morning, a spokeswoman from the Cavs called in and made him the offer. "We’d like to offer you full time work with the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as Quicken Loans Arena,” spokeswoman Tracy Marek said. “On top of it, because we know you’re a person trying to get up and on your feet, Quicken Loans is actually offering to pay a mortgage on a home.”

Since the interview, Williams has received several offers for work from all over the country, but, Williams said regarding the Cav's offer, “That’s the best deal ever!” It is almost hard to believe that a homeless recovering alcoholic and drug addict with two years sober is being offered a chance that hardly anyone could turn down. Once you hear Williams' voice you will see and hear proof that addiction can take it all away and recovery can bring it all back. There is HOPE for everyone struggling with addiction, let Ted Williams' story be inspiration to everyone.

Enjoy the Associated Press Video:


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