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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance: Continued

It is fair to say that most people have, by now, heard of the homeless man in Columbus, Ohio who was given the gift of a good voice. Videos of Ted Williams went viral overnight, nobody could believe that the voice we heard came out of his mouth - but it did. After Williams' discovery everyone wanted a piece of him, job offers and even a chance to get a home that was completely paid for. In Williams' initial interview he had mentioned that drugs and alcohol had taken everything from him, but, he claimed to have two years clean despite being homeless. Williams, like many addicts who are still in the grips of their disease, was not completely honest about his sobriety and the truth of the matter is that was still struggling with alcohol.

On January 10th, Williams was in L.A. to appear on the Dr. Phil show in an attempt to be reunited with his family, but, he was detained in a hotel after an argument with one of his children who claimed that Ted was still drinking. In many ways it is not that surprising; Williams went from holding signs alongside the freeway to being the guest star on a number of talk shows. Fame has a way of bringing people down before they ever had a chance to get up. In no way was Williams equipped to handle the pressures of stardom without a support network or healthy tools for coping with stress and anxiety. "People in rehab," he told "ET," "we're fragile. ... You jump out of this car, there's a camera there; you roll down your window just to flip a cigarette out the window, and there's somebody that points at you. ... Remember, I, a week ago, was holding a sign where people wouldn't give me the time of day."

"It's almost choking me," he told the Dispatch.

Now, Williams really does have a second chance, not at being a famous radio or TV voice, he now has the chance to learn how to live a healthy fulfilling life. Williams checked into a recovery center in South Texas around 10:00 PM last Thursday night. Dr. Phil is not paying for the treatment, but, all the expenses have been paid for.

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