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Monday, February 7, 2011

Heroin And Pain Killers Were Found In The Crash

Photo Credit: Andrew Mills/ The Star-Ledger

Three New Jersey young adults' lives were lost when their car slammed into the wall of an elementary school. Both heroin and pain killers like Oxycodone were found inside the vehicle by authorities, but, the drugs are not thought to be the cause of the accident considering the car left no evidence that the driver hit the brakes. Killed were Matthew Budesa, 20, of Pine Beach; Kimberly Van Gorden, 20, of Beachwood; and Matthew Witzgall, 21, of Toms River. Matthew Budesa attended the same elementary school as a child; his car left a six-by-six foot hole in the wall, so if this was intentional then there is definitely some symbolism to the scene of the crash. It will be a few weeks before the toxicology reports are completed on the three victims and there are hundreds of people who have questions that may never be answered.

The accident looks more and more like a planned suicide when considering that the collision Thursday morning happened at high speed, no skid marks, and not one of them were wearing a seat belt. However, at the moment the crash is being ruled an accident until more about the incident is understood. "Everything is on the table. We’re looking at everything. All avenues are being explored," Deputy Chief Mohel said. Friends and family of the victims have mixed feeling about the cause of the crash with some believing it was a suicide and others thinking that it was not possible.

"It’s all just a bad, tragic accident," said Witzgall’s uncle, Dan Boyle of Brick. "They were all just friends." Witzgall’s girlfriend, Heather Hiis of Beachwood, said she wasn’t sure it was an accident; the three victims didn't talk about ending their lives, Hiis said, in the past they all had kidded about suicide. "They were all going through some very hard stuff at the time," said Hiis.

Even kidding about suicide should not be taken lightly, if you know someone struggling and hear them joke about suicide it is best to reach out and help them.

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