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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mexico Violence Not An Emergency?

In the last few years we have watched the violence escalate to epic proportions and we have also seen that nobody has any kind of a solution. As the drug war wages on, the White House does not believe that the problem in Mexico doesn’t rank as an “emergency” under federal rules, officials tell NBC News. How can that be with so much life being lost just across the border as well as here in the United States? This decision has held back a new controversial law that would require gun stores in the four border states to report to officials multiple sales of semiautomatic assault rifles and other long guns. Mexico moves thousands of pounds of drugs into the United States every day and they do not go back to Mexico with just money, they bring American guns back with them to help continue the war against other cartels. A law that would require gun stores to alert the authorities of large gun sales would certainly help curb the violence even to a small degree - even one life saved would be worth it.

"It is certainly disappointing that politics trumps sound policy," said Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan in an email to NBC about the White House decision. "We can’t keep on fiddling while the issue of arms trafficking to Mexico continues to burn." Semi-automatic rifles have fast become the weapon of choice among the cartels because of a loophole in the our federal gun law which currently requires federally licensed gun store to report to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) whenever an individual buys two or more handguns within a five day period, but, no such requirement applies to semiautomatic assault rifles.

Since the White House has not deemed the problem in Mexico an emergency, the ATF was not able to expedite the new law as quickly as they would have liked which put the new law on the back burner for at least two more months. The White House said over the weekend, the rule was delayed because of the president’s recent executive order calling for a more thorough review of all federal regulations. As the President asks for more paperwork and red tape the war in Mexico wages on and more lives will be lost. The battle in Mexico for cartel supremacy is a real problem, one that crosses our border and puts Americans at risk just the same as Mexicans; how long before we open our eyes to the catastrophe taking place in our own back yard?


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