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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ted Williams Leaves Rehab

Last Wednesday the "Golden Voice" Ted Williams spoke about his experience and his plans for the future on the "Early Show". You may remember that Williams made the choice to go to rehab after being on the Dr. Phil show, but, felt that it was all scripted and he didn't need rehab. He decided to move in to a sober living home, there he can be around clean and sober people working together to stay off drugs and alcohol; what's more is that the other residents at the sober living home in Los Angeles are also in the voice-over industry.

In a matter of days Williams went from the streets of Columbus, Ohio to instant stardom with a number of job offers from all over the country. Everything moved too quickly for Ted and it became overwhelming between the job offers and being reunited with his family. He wants to have all the good things in life and knows that it is all contingent upon his sobriety. There is no telling how successful he will be and historically speaking those who duck out from treatment prematurely end up having problems in the real world because they lack the necessary tools to stay clean and sober and live a productive life.

We encourage you to watch the short video below from the "Early Show":

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