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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Colleges Join Together Against Binge Drinking

A number of college students will be graduating after four long years of studious activities. With graduation comes celebration throughout the entire family, college these days is a joint effort between mother, father, and child so there is cause for jubilee on every front. The number one concern during this time of the year is that upon the years end the majority of students will be partaking in partying with alcohol and in some cases drugs. It is up to the universities to work extra hard to limit the amount of drunk driving that occurs during this time of the year.

Drinking is heavily ingrained into college life; it is an activity that most students will join in the fun. Sadly, a number of students will also do some binge drinking which more times than not will cause a blackout which can take an individual's night in any direction - usually a bad one. Fourteen colleges and universities announced their plans this week to band together to fight binge drinking. Dartmouth, Cornell, Duke, Boston University, Northwestern, Princeton, and Stanford, plan to work in conjunction to share methods that have proved sound and exchange test data to measure the effectiveness from one college to the next.

The new collective of colleges are calling the plan the Learning Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, will start this summer. Dartmouth President, Jim Yong Kim, says he hopes at least 20 colleges will be a part of the collaborative by then, The Washington Post reports. The less binge drinking that occurs, the more lives will be saved from alcohol poisoning and fatal car crashes as a result of driving while blacked-out.

Curbing binge drinking is not solely up to colleges and universities, parents have a huge role to play in this problem. Parents need to guide the children down a path where they understand the dangers associated with one bad decision related to drinking. A few words of advice may be all it takes to save someone's life.

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