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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drug Treatment in High School

Drug and alcohol abuse among students is a real problem that needs to be tackled so that things do not get worse. The teenage years are a time of experimentation and exploration on a number of fronts, in most cases experimenting with drugs stays just that, but, in certain cases experimentation gets out of control leading kids down a road towards addiction. High schools work hard to educate their students as to the dangers of substance abuse, which in most cases is rather ineffective. Teenagers don't take advice too well since they know everything already. In response to the growing problem, one high school has teamed up will a reputable drug treatment organization, with the hope of providing solid guidance for kids on the verge of addiction or those already in the grips of it.

The William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach, New York will house a drug and alcohol clinic starting in August. The clinic will provide students with counseling but they will not be dispensing drugs like methadone for withdrawal symptoms or cravings. This move is the first of its kind within the public education system and advocates of the program have high hopes. "The school district is being incredibly proactive," said the program's director Caroline Sullivan. "Other schools may have prevention programs, but this is a full-fledged treatment option with treatment done on site."

Partnership for a Drug-Free America said nationwide there are 19 "sober high schools," meaning the student body is either in recovery or has made a vow to stay away from alcohol and drugs. That is a very small percentage of schools across our great nation; there are many more students who need help in a bad way. "There are very few programs that are adolescent specific," Sullivan said, despite the fact that "adolescents are starting to use at a much younger age."

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