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Monday, August 1, 2011

Drunk Driving Laws

Drunk driving in America is a problem that has a huge impact on peoples’ lives, both drunk drivers and the victims of drunk drivers. People often have a hard time when they are intoxicated gauging their abilities. It is easy for people to think that they are not really that drunk despite drinking as much as they have, which is why so many people get behind the wheel when they have been drinking. It's fair to say that everyone who has ever been pulled over for driving intoxicated at one time or another said, "I will never get a DUI" or "Just because my friend got a DUI doesn't mean I will". The reality is, if you drive drunk enough times, risking your life and the lives of others, you will eventually get a DUI; hopefully, the DUI is the worst thing that happens on that night and no one is killed.

In most states across the country, officials work hard to make the penalties for drunk driving as severe as possible in an attempt to dissuade people from making bad decisions. Fines are severe, loss of license, and in some cases jail time even for first offense, but, despite all that, people will continue to get behind the wheel. With every year that passes the penalties become more severe, especially for those people who have more than one DUI.

There are some states that require mandatory jail time for first offenders:
  • Alaska
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia

No jail time is required for first offenders in:
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Indiana

First time offenders in Wisconsin are merely issued a ticket, clearly not much of a deterrent. In some parts of Michigan a first time DUI can land you in jail for 20 days, while the next county over requires no jail time at all. Drunk driving is not a joke and people who get one DUI are exponentially more likely to get another. DUI's are life changing and for most people unaffordable, yet people simply do not take it in to account; in many cases addiction plays a huge part in why some people are chronic offenders, they may not get caught all the time but sooner or later something bad will happen.

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