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Monday, August 29, 2011

FDA New Painkiller Approval

Just when one may have thought that there were enough addictive opioids on the market, the FDA has recently given Johnson & Johnson approval to produce another. The drug is called Nucynta and it has a high potential for abuse, where by users can become psychologically or physically dependent on the drug. The new approval is somewhat controversial considering that Nucynta was approved in 2008 in an immediate release format which was heavily abused, the new approval is for an extended release format which should make crushing up the drug to be snorted or injected more difficult.

Nucynta is a Schedule II narcotic, a category of drugs considered to have a strong potential for abuse or addiction but that have legitimate medical use. There is no question whether or not Schedule II drugs help patients with their severe pain; however, these drugs are prescribed far too regularly and to people who could manage on something not as strong and certainly less addictive. The United States is at the forefront of the prescription drug epidemic and more pain narcotics are designed and produced in this country. It is hard to imagine that there are not enough drugs already on the market to deal with the various levels of pain patients experience.

At some point it would be wise on the federal governments behalf to put a moratorium on strong addictive medications that have a high potential for abuse. While pharmaceutical companies continue to make millions of dollars from their medications, there are millions of people suffering from their dependence on those medications. Johnson & Johnson has an answer to pain, but hardly an answer to recovery from prescription drug addiction.

It is always best to search for alternatives forms of pain management, pills may be the quickest most effective form of pain management, but, they are also the most dangerous taking many lives every year. Don't let your doctor be quick and send you on your way with a prescription, it is always best to discuss alternatives.

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