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Monday, January 30, 2012

First Aid for the Mind

Mental health problems are perhaps the hardest ailments to treat due to their complex nature. Every case is different and every person is different, thus responses to treatment methods vary. It is hard for the average person to recognize when someone is having a crisis. When someone isn’t breathing there are countless people walking the streets at any given moment that can provide CPR. What happens when someone has a mental crisis? How many people are equipped with the tools to help out?

The City of Philadelphia will be training thousands of people to provide what is being called “first aid for the mind”. Trained experts in the field of mental health will be training people over the next few months, who will then hold 12-hour courses for the general public who can be certified after completing a test on the subject.

Behavioral Health Commissioner Dr. Arthur Evans stated the goals of the Mental Health First Aid program:
  • 1,500 certifications this year
  • Over the next decade hopefully10% of the populace will be able to help

“This is to help people be able to identify and to refer to professional help,” Evans says. “It’s not for them to necessarily intervene themselves.”

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Special Notice
Hope by the Sea is once again honored to be featured on A & E’s INTERVENTION. Tune in to INTERVENTION February 13, 2012, to meet Zeinah. This episode will premiere on Monday, February 13th at 10pm and 2am ET/PT.

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