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Monday, February 13, 2012

Zeinah's INTERVENTION On A & E Network

 An intervention can be that first “hopeful” step on the road to recovery...

Tonight February 13, 2012, A & E’s  INTERVENTION™ will premiere  
Zeinah’s intervention at 10/9C.

According to INTERVENTION™...

“Once a successful, outstanding student, Zeinah turned to drugs to deal with the drama-filled divorce between her Christian mother and Muslim father. After her husband overdosed, her drug use increased, and she lost custody of her daughter. Can Zeinah's family forget their grudges and religious differences to come together and save her from her prescription pill death spiral?”

Since 2005 and now in its 11th season, INTERVENTION™ has sought to help addicts, their  family members and friends understand the intervention process and the availability of help to begin recovery. Hope by the Sea is honored to have been an A & E featured treatment center beginning in Season 3 and continuing on over the years to now working with Zeinah.

We invite you to tune in tonight.  Meet Zeinah. Follow her story. 
Zeinah - Photo Courtesy of A & E Intervention

If you need more information about setting up an intervention for your loved one, feel free to call us here at Hope by the Sea (866-930-4673) or contact us on-line.  

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