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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cardinal Health Settles With DEA

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The seal of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Last week the DEA finally reached a settlement with Cardinal Health. Cardinal Health is the second-largest drug distributor in the United States. According to the settlement Cardinal Health has been suspended from selling and shipping painkillers and other drugs for two years. This part of the settlement specifically applies to distribution from their Lakeland, FL facility.

According to the USA Today article:
"This is the second time the DEA has taken action against Cardinal. In 2008, Cardinal paid a $34 million fine after the DEA accused it of shipping excessive amounts of hydrocodone, another powerful painkiller, to Internet pharmacies. As part of that settlement, the DEA suspended licenses at three distribution facilities for a year."

The DEA is still considering civil penalties and fines. For the next five years, Cardinal Health has also agreed to:
  • Review orders for the controlled drugs at each of Cardinal's 28 distribution facilities
  • Routinely visit pharmacies that they distribute to observe any signs of diversion
  • Hire more field inspectors to specifically follow Florida pharmacies
We will continue to follow this story.
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