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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Meet Noah Welch

Craniofacial features associated with fetal al...Craniofacial features associated with fetal alcohol syndrome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Over the past years we have often written here about fetal alcohol syndrome. It is a serious problem and one that most people don't understand, have never witnessed or frankly think it will never happen to their baby. A few months ago I said to a friend of mine: "If only teen-agers (boys and girls), college students (men and women) and future parents of all ages could learn up close and personal what a child is subjected to when they are born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)." If only...

Meet Noah Welch! Noah is 11 and according to his adoptive parents, he is starting his own business. He is now a public speaker and motivates his audiences to learn about fetal alcohol syndrome. As Noah's mom says: “All you really need to know is it’s the number one preventable cause of mental retardation in our country."

The News-Herald in Lake Havasu City, AZ reports that:
"Welch didn’t learn to smile until he was nine months old, and he didn’t learn to feed himself until he was five years old, his adoptive mother, Maureen Welch said.

He’s fed twice a day through a feeding tube; his head, eyes, mouth and jaw are smaller than average; another birth defect makes it hard for him to breathe; his chest is caved in; his brain development isn’t complete; and his coordination isn’t average."
Think about Noah the next time you offer someone a drink?  If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, think about Noah.  He is not just a funny looking kid.  What you see could have been prevented with responsible behavior. 
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