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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ted Williams Celebrates First Sober Birthday

It has been a while since we last wrote about Ted Williams. In fact, the last time we posted about Ted was on February 14, 2011. From the time Ted was discovered, by a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, living on streets of Columbus, Ohio, his story gained headlines and his recovery became a national news story. We saw him interviewed on NBC, CBS, and featured on the Dr. Phil show. We read about him going to rehab and leaving rehab...and then we didn't hear about him for over a year.

But on May 4, 2012, Ted celebrated his first sober birthday and today Matt Lauer of NBC's Today Show interviewed Ted and got to learn what this first year of sobriety has been like for Ted. You can watch the interview here:

Ted's is a remarkable story, but at the same time it is a story that plays out every day in every city and town across America. People suffering from the disease of addiction do find sobriety...one day at a time by focusing on staying sober one day at a time.

You might be interested to know that Ted has co-written a book, simply called A Golden Voice. Ted is telling his story, undoubtedly it will give others hope as they start their recovery.

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