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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bipolar II Manic Depression Trending Topics In The News

Did you ever notice that news topics trend when well known people are suspected of or diagnosed with a disease?  Often the average person wonders why the topic only takes on importance when a famous or infamous person is part of the story. The easy answer to this question is that it is a simple fact that "headlines" grab readers. If a headline talks about news regarding bipolar disease and manic depression, then how likely is it that the average reader will click on this story if the headline doesn't include the name of a famous person? Probably not likely, because first and foremost, we are human and it is the humanity of the story that makes us want to read the story. It is a natural rule of engagement. We want to learn from other people's experiences both positive and negative. The story of a real person helps us relate to the story and in the end vicariously we learn from the real person's experience.

Previously we have written about depression focusing on addiction, alcoholism and post traumatic stress disorder. Many of these articles have dealt with well known people, celebrities, political figures, as well as our fellow citizens. Each of these articles hopefully initiate a conversation among family members and those who are suffering from depression, bipolar, manic depression singularly or as co-occurring (dual diagnosis) with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Of late, if you read newspapers, on-line newspapers, blogs, twitter feeds and Facebook updates, then you know that Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. has recently been formally diagnosed as suffering from bipolar II and is being treated for manic depression. It is no doubt that Congressman Jackson's name in the headlines starts the engagement, but it is the discussion that follows that assists the average person engaging with their friends and family to seek treatment for suspected bipolar disease. And that is the good news.

To assist you in better understanding bipolar/manic depression, the differences between bipolar I and bipolar II, causes and treatments, we are bringing you a video news report from NECN.com (New England Cable News). Here you can learn more about this subject from Dr. Mallika Marshall.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can see it here.

Take a few minutes, view the video and read the related articles. It might help you or a loved one become in engaged in recovery

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