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Monday, September 24, 2012

20/20's "Intoxication Nation" Includes Interview With Kristen Johnston

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Do you watch ABC's 20/20? 20/20 debuted 34 years ago and for the last 25 years 20/20 has been a Friday night staple for ABC's prime-time schedule. For many people Friday night means getting together with friends, having dinner out with the family, escaping for a long weekend getaway or maybe just taking a break from the week's activities and watching a bit of television. It is estimated that about 5.6 million Americans tune in to watch 20/20 every week. Some episodes are so gripping they prompt viewers to share the news with just a simple statement like "did you see 20/20 this week?"

Did you see 20/20 this past Friday?

If you missed 20/20 this past Friday, you can watch the entire show Intoxication Nation here. It includes segments titled "Blackout Parties," "Drunk Walking," "Hangover Helper," "DUI Wars," and "Kristen Johnston's Life Threatening Addiction." If you watch the full show parents may be shocked at the extreme video depicting young adults antics to achieve a "black-out", you will see how easy it is for young under-age students to purchase liquor on line, you will learn about the dangers of not only driving under the influence, but also walking under the influence and you will learn what local police are doing to try to prevent people from injuring themselves or even causing their own death or that of an innocent bystander. To put it simply, Intoxication Nation is an eye-opener.

Do you know Kristen Johnston?

You might remember Kristen Johnston from Third Rock From The Sun or perhaps you have seen her perform on stage. Kristen has appeared in a number of movies and television series. Of late, Kristen is in TVland's sit-com called The Exes that debuted November 30, 2011. An Emmy Award-winning actress, Kristen is also known for her famous death scene in the sixth and final season of Sex and the City. Yes, Kristen played the aging party girl, Lexi Featherston, who accidentally falls out of a window and dies. She was very believable in this role. And this past week 20/20 took the time to interview Kristen to learn just how impacted Kristen's life was from addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Learn about Kristen Johnston's recovery

Now six years sober, Kristen sat down with 20/20's Elizabeth Vargas to discuss her life growing up, discovering her acting abilities, her dependence on alcohol and drugs, her brush with death, her rehab and what life is like now that she is sober.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can watch it here.

Johnston's new book "Guts: The Endless Follies and Tiny Triumphs of a Giant Disaster

According to the back cover: "With GUTS, Johnson takes us on a journey so truthful and relatable, so remarkably fresh, it promises to stay with the reader for a long, long time." Take some time today to watch Kristen's interview. It might help you look at your own life or the life your loved one is living addicted to alcohol or drugs.

As National Recovery Month winds down to a final few days this September...consider the miracle of recovery. Recovery is possible every day, one day at a time.
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