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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day: Honoring Our Addiction Treatment Professionals

Many of our National Holidays are celebrated on Mondays. It wasn't always so, but on January 1, 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act moved a number of holidays like Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day from fixed dates to designated Mondays and was designed to increase the number of three-day weekends for federal employees. One holiday, Labor Day, was first thought of 130 years ago this year; however, it was not until 1894 that Labor Day was officially recognized as a federal holiday to be celebrated on the first Monday of every September.

So today is Labor Day 2012 and while we will often take a holiday from posting here when the holiday falls on a Monday, today we want to take a few minutes to honor our staff who works tirelessly in the field of addiction and recovery treating our patients. Working daily with those suffering from the disease of addiction brings challenges and rewards, offering patients care and insights on how to take the first step in recovery and proving that hope exists and recovery is possible one day at a time.

Like any disease, research continues to unravel some of the mysteries of the disease of addiction. The news is filled with studies and observations of what causes the disease and ways to treat the disease. Working in this field requires that our staff stay abreast of new these developments, attending conferences, participating in forums, continuing their education and renewing their certifications. It takes commitment; resolve to be the best that they can be honoring the trust placed in them by our patients and our patients' families.

So today we would like to honor Hope By The Sea's staff. While we hope you will visit our staff page, we also want you to remember that the staff members listed here represent only our core staff; however, each day additional staff members work side by side with our patients with individual and group therapy, transporting and guiding patients through extracurricular activities (learning how to enjoy life in sobriety), offering a kind word or simple act to encourage patients by sharing their experiences, teaching through example. Perhaps the best honors for our staff comes from patient testimonials, including those from family members who have attended our Family Program.

American Flag graces Hope By The Sea's Ortega property
Today we will fly our American Flag paying tribute to the contributions and achievements of all American workers. There will be parades and picnics in many communities. There will be special Labor Day sales. And you can be sure that many Americans will attend an AA meeting today. Hopefully many in attendance will think of the addiction recovery professional who works tirelessly, committed to helping people achieve long-term recovery. 
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