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Monday, April 22, 2013

Addiction Recovery And College Students

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Getting sober and staying sober while in college

If you suffer from the disease of addiction and you are working a program of recovery, you may find that finding a community of recovery can offer challenges. This is particularly true if you are a college age student or if you are older and attempting to complete your college degree. Many in recovery have had to drop out of college when seeking treatment for alcoholism or addiction to other substances, so the prospect of re-entering college can difficult and you may find yourself keeping quiet about your disease. But this is exactly a time when you need a strong support network, so that you can continue to complete your goals of recovery and education.

Association of Recovery Schools

According to the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS) website their mission is clear:
The Association of Recovery Schools advocates for the promotion, strengthening, and expansion of secondary and post-secondary programs designed for students and families committed to achieving success in both education and recovery. ARS exists to support such schools which, as components of the recovery continuum of care, enroll students committed to being abstinent from alcohol and other drugs and working a program of recovery.

Ohio State offers a new program: Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC)

This week Ohio State announced that they offering a new program for students in recovery: Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) which will focus on building a secure community focused on student encouragement and engagement. This will be a collaborative effort combining the expertise of those in the Counseling and Consultation Services, the University Residences and Dining Services.

According to the Ohio State University Newspaper - The Lantern
"The timing of this program is in line with national trends; institutions throughout the country are becoming more serious in how they serve the people in recovery. OSU has had services for those in drug and alcohol addiction recovery for years, but none have been as extensive as the CRC. “We’re trying to meet a current need,” said Amanda Blake, wellness coordinator for the SWC [Student Wellness Center]. “We’ve been providing services for students in recovery for a long time; we’re just trying to take it a step further now.” Modeled after a Texas Tech University recovery program, the CRC also borrows successful elements of other similar university programs, Blake said. According to one of Texas Tech’s formulas, it is estimated that OSU has 950 students in recovery, making a recovery program very worthwhile, Nerad said.

Hope Academy at Hope By The Sea

A number of years ago, the staff at Hope By The Sea realized that many young people in recovery want to get back to continuing their education. So we designed Hope Academy. We are excited to help our clients build their foundation of sobriety and to assist them through the wonderful adventure of higher education. Hope Academy is a unique program designed to transition clients from their addiction infused existence to one of a successful college student. We understand that each of our clients is anxious to get back into the “real world”; however, it is imperative that the client be properly guided to a position of responsible independence while keeping their main focus on recovery. The longer a client remains in a treatment environment, the greater the chance of long term sobriety. We are here to walk our clients through each phase of the college experience and establish his/her independence once again. Becoming a proficient student is a major focus of our program.

We are always pleased to learn about a new high school, community college, college or university that has an on-campus recovery community
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