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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Strong Connections Reduce Substance Abuse

A parent’s role in influencing their children regarding the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse is crucial. More teenagers than ever are reporting having had used prescription and illegal drugs. Parents have the ability to educate and warn their children about substance abuse. Teenagers who have strong connections with parents and teachers who warn them about the perils of drug use reduce teens’ risk of abusing prescription drugs, a new study finds.

Students with strong connections with peers who are against substance abuse also had a decreased chance of abusing prescription medications, according to University of Cincinnati researchers.

More than 54,000 teens in grades 7 through 12 took part in the study. The research showed that 13.7 percent reported using prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription, Science Daily reports. The study found that teens who reported having strong relationships with peers who used alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana increased the risk of non-medical prescription drug use.

Remember, parents are the first line of defense against drug and alcohol misuse and abuse - talk to your children, it could save their life...

The study is published in the Journal of Primary Prevention.
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