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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Proposed Hash Oil Legislation

Colorado and Washington State were the first to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. While more states are sure to follow, the two forerunners are starting to feel the impact of unchecked marijuana production, especially concerning products such as hash or honey oil (highly concentrated THC oil).

Last year, at least 30 people were injured in honey oil butane explosions in Colorado, the Associated Press reports. In Washington, the marijuana law did not permit the production of hash or edibles at home, but people are making them regardless. In Colorado, current regulations vary by jurisdiction.

In response, legislators in both states are considering rules that would reduce the number of home explosions and injuries caused by the production of hash oil, according to the report. The bills in each state would prohibit the production of marijuana products that require explosive gases, except for commercial producers.

“We have a little problem here with people blowing themselves up," said Washington state Sen. Ann Rivers, the Republican sponsor of that state's measure. "Anything we can do to stop that from happening."

"People who make it at home, they can do so with alcohol or methods that are safe," said Colorado state Rep. Yeulin Willett, a sponsor of the bill.

There are a number of methods for producing hash oil, but the fastest method involves the use of gases like butane. Marijuana is sprayed with the gas which causes a separation of the THC from the plant to occur. The resulting highly-concentrated oil is then smoked or put into a vaporizing device. If hash oil makers are not careful with ventilation, a spark from a home appliance can cause an explosion.

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