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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Many American Adults Want to Ban Powdered Alcohol

Despite the approval of powdered alcohol in March, a new poll suggests that sixty percent of American adults want a complete ban on powdered alcohol in their state. The potential for teenage misuse of powdered alcohol is what fuels adult concerns, HealthDay reports. A number of states have already taken measures to ban the use and sale of powdered alcohol, including Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont.

Powdered alcohol, most notably Palcohol, created by the company Lipsmark, is sold in pouches and comes in a number of different flavors. When the powder is mixed with water, users can quickly create variations of popular mixed drinks. Opponents of Palcohol have fears that the product can be easily concealed by teenagers in their pockets.

"Given that several states are considering legislation about powdered alcohol, our poll looked at what the public thinks about this new product," Dr. Matthew Davis, director of the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health, said in a news release. "The majority of adults agree that powdered alcohol may spell trouble for young people."

The poll found that:
  • 81 percent are concerned that it will be easy for minors to buy powdered alcohol.
  • 84 percent support banning online sales.
  • 85 percent believe powdered alcohol should not be marketed on social media sites.
  • 85 percent worry that powdered alcohol will increase alcohol use among minors.
  • 90 percent of adults are concerned that powdered alcohol will be misused by minors.
"In the U.S., parents, communities and health care providers already face serious challenges with underage alcohol abuse and its harmful effects on children's health. This poll indicates common concern among our communities over potential abuse and misuse of powdered alcohol, as well as the product's potential to exacerbate the problem of underage drinking," Davis said.

Several other states are considering legislation that would put a stop to powdered alcohol, according to the article.

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