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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Emerging Trend Known As Microdosing

The use of hallucinogenic drugs is not a new phenomenon; people have been experimenting with LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and mushrooms (psilocybin) for decades. Most users argue that the psychedelic effects of the drug expand the mind - opening new doors of perception. Such drugs are Schedule I narcotics, meaning they have no medicinal value and are illegal to use.

A new trend is emerging, known as “microdosing,” the act of taking psychedelic drugs in small doses, increasing one’s focus without the hallucinations, LiveScience reports. Naturally, experts have mixed opinions about microdosing, and some argue that there may be unforeseen dangers.

"It's like the coffee to wake up the mind-body connection. When I notice it is working, depending on the dosage, time seems to be slowing down a bit, everything seems covered with a layer of extra significance," said Martijn Schirp, a HighExistence.com writer, in an email.

There have been a number of anecdotal reports about microdosing; a number of people claim that the activity has helped their psychiatric disorders, according to the article. Others claim that microdosing has helped them become nicer people.

On the other side of the coin, there are experts who have concerns about microdosing, such as Matt Johnson - a psychologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Johnson, who has researched the behavioral effects of psychedelic drugs, points out that there is little scientific evidence to support microdosing. Microdosers tend to regularly take small doses every several days, which Johnson notes could result in long-term side effects, the article reports.

Johnson is also concerned that properly dosing drugs, such as LSD, can be challenging. Most users are not able to determine how strong a particular batch is, which means dosing becomes more of a guess. He points out that everyone reacts differently to drugs, and different amounts of drugs.

"Someone might be expecting a kind of sparkly day, just a really productive day at work — and next thing you know, they're grasping hold to their office chair wondering why the world is dissolving," Johnson said.

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