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Thursday, September 17, 2015

FDA Granted Authority to Destroy Fake Drugs

The United States is the biggest pharmaceutical and supplements market in the world. Countries all over the world ship drugs to America, even if the drugs do not meet U.S. regulations. In the past, if fake or low quality medications were shipped to the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would ship the drugs back to the country of origin. Overseas counterfeit manufacturers would repackage the drugs and reship.

Now, the FDA has the authority to destroy poor-quality or fake drugs that are refused admission into the United States, the Washington Examiner reports. The new rule stems from a surge of counterfeit Herceptin shipments, a drug used to treat cancer. The FDA was already able to destroy counterfeit or poor-quality food or medical devices, but now they can destroy drugs that do not meet the country's standards that are valued at $2,500 or less.

The 2012 Food Drug and Safety Innovation Act (FDASIA) grants the FDA its newfound authority to destroy fake or adulterated pharmaceuticals, according to the article. The FDASIA was signed into law on July 9, 2012, it gives the FDA increased authority and strengthens the agency's ability to safeguard and advance public health.

“With nearly 40 percent of finished drugs being imported, and nearly 80 percent of active ingredients coming from overseas sources, protecting the global drug supply chain and making sure that patients have access to the drugs they need is a priority for FDA,” said the agency on their website

Counterfeit drugs coming from other countries are not subject to rigorous testing standards. An unsuspecting user has no way of knowing what they are consuming, potentially resulting in serious side effects or worse.

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